Sweet toothed cats are very many and possibly you too. Whether a tasty cake from the pastry chef around the corner, a homemade creamy praline or delicious cupcakes, these sweets can resist almost no one. If you also like baking and passionate at home, you should take a look at MiniSchoggi’s page. There is everything that hobby bakers need. From the delicious recipe to the ingredients required, the assortment contains everything. Cupcakeshave conquered the world several years ago and are still enjoying a lot of demand and popularity. The preparation of this delicious sweet does not really need much. If you would like to prepare this sweet at home and do not know it yet, you can take a MiniSchoggi course. At regular intervals, various courses are offered. Registrations can be made directly and without much effort on the homepage. Learn from the pros how to prepare delicious cupcakes in a variety of creations.


Cupcakes not only convince with a very good taste, because the look is now popular everywhere. There are cupcakes with a variety of fillings and how to prepare them, you will learn in one of the courses MiniSchoggi. With the know-how of the instructor, you can easily try the delicious recipes at home. The courses will show you everything and of course you will also receive the necessary accessories. If you decide on a decoration course, the cupcakes are prepared in advance due to lack of time by MiniSchoggi. Decorating pies, chocolates or cupcakes requires a lot of patience and a lot of background knowledge. If you have always wanted to make a visually appealing cake or cupcakes, you will find a suitable course offer.

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